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3 Reasons your not seeing your childs hair Grow!

3 Reasons your not seeing your childs hair Grow!

3 Reasons your not seeing your childs hair Grow!

My top 3 reasons your not seeing your childs hair GROW throughout the year!!




Long afro kids hair

Help her Grow longer hair


As I travel around and meet parents and young girls (mainly) my purpose upon meeting them is to help them experience a better time than they are currently having with their hair.

The one question I get asked time and time again is – Why does her hair not grow?  

We all appreciate Princess hair and for little girls its as though its a rite of passage– you know the old days when you would throw towel on your head and swing it around as through the towel was a glorious mane!!


Why is it that some children just seem to have that GROWING HAIR? whulst your childs hair stays the same length year after year?  Is it really just because she does not have the genetics for lonegr hair?  But your son hd long hair as a baby so it can’t be that?


  • Is it something you are not doing?
  • Do you just think she won’t ever have long hair?
  • Maybe you never had long hair so that’s your reasoning?


Whatever it is- I am here to debunk the myth.  I know for a fact that ypur child’s hair can grow up to 4-6 inches ith TLC over a 12 momnth period!!


So here are my 3 top reasons you are not seeing the hair growth both you and your child!!


1          You Do not think she has the TYPE or TEXTURE of Hair That can be long?

By this I mean- many mums or carers really do believe that unless the child is fair skinned or has silky wavy or curly hair, then it is virtualy impossible for them to have hair that grows even past their shoulders!  This is even more true if you as an adult have never had long hair your self.

Sal says:

Ok, some hair textures do grow quicker than others and there are some children who will have waist-lenght hair at age 3!!  On the whole if the correct patience, process and products are used your child will grow hair a guaranteed x 2 times as long as you ever imagined if you give it the time and believe it can.


2       You Don’t do enough Protective styling!


Heavenberry Protctive styling

Heavenberrys hair in a Protective style of threading!


Again different hair types need different things to thrive.  European or Indian straight or Curly hair textures are not as dry and Afro or Mixed race hair types so that hair type grows very well even if it is left out everyday.  Howwever the more kinky or curly the hair is the more prone it is to

T-A-N-G-L-E-S!!  In my view and experience, tangles mean knots, which leads to hair loss!

Sal says:

If you tend to leave your childs hair in an afro puff or maybe you braid the hair every 2 weeks in tight tiny canerows, both of these things will inhibit hair growth by eating away at the length of your childs hair.  My method for my daughters hair when she was at nursery and even now at primary school was to keep her scalp soft, and do simple styles like BANDING or Twists, nothing more or less!  Your childs hair grows when left alone!



banding on girls hair

A cute girls hair style BANDING!



Check out how I do this Banding style on my daughters afro textured hair!!  



My own rules:

I did not do canerows because they sometimes eat into the thickness of the childs hair, and they are tight on the scalp.  I did lots of single twists, that were fun and got messy but allowed the hair to be free.

I never combed her hair weekly, fortnightly or even Monthly!!

In fact I hardly combed her hair at all!


3       Your Child’s hair is too DRY!  

Dry Hair = B-R-E-A-K-A-G-E!!


If you have not got a routine of spraying your childs hair with Honey rain Juice  

or adding the Heaven’s hair Milk to their hair strands daily, then your child’s hair is most likely extremely dry!

Failing to moisturise your childs hair like you brush their teeth- DAILY, limits the length her hair will grow!  Dry Afro or Curly Mixed race hair, eventually will break off without moisture regularly.  Stop the cycle of Grow-break-Grow-Break!

Give your child the chance to realise their hair growth potential by changing the way you see their hair and do it!!

Check out one of our amazing kids hair kits!!  Dry hair is gone with this collection! the Kinki Coili Kurli hair Kit  or the Mixed race & Afro Hair Kit




The Heavens Hair Milk is great for ALL TYPES of Hair, it will silken and soften in seconds!!  Baby hair too!









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