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About Root2Tip Natural haircare

#Say HELLO to Healthy hair from ROOT2TiP

Root2Tip Haircare Products - natural ingredientsWe are the UK’s bestselling natural haircare brand that started off in a London kitchen 6 years ago and is now being sold around the globe. What makes us special? We are a brand that offers more than just products – ‘We give good hair!

Relaxed hair, Locs, Curls, Afro, Curls, Wavy hair  or Transitioning hair we have a Natural solution to the everyday haircare needs you have.

Our natural hair care range will  nourish and soothe a sensitive scalp.

We take pride in offering you the very best in Premium quality, natural & organically derived haircare for your whole family.

Children with Mixed race and Afro natural hair:

If you have children with frizzy mixed race curls or fluffy Afro hair our kid’s range is exactly suited to your needs – Kinki Coili Kurli Natural products for kids are formulated with love & passion and they work!

Mums/Dad’s…do not leave this site without our Honey-rain juice Detangler its a God send for kiddy tangles and matted curly hair!

European Hair:

Our products also work on European hair types too. If you have frizzy Ginger coarse curls.   Maybe you have a flaky scalp or dandruff? our oils and shampoo can help those with European hair too.

Are you suffering with Hairloss, Alopecia, Dandruff, Scalp Eczema, Seborrheic dermatitis or thinning hair?

Struggling with hair loss or worried about a thinning hairline? or itchy flaky scalp condition?

Let go of your worry and seek out our 100% Natural Harvest Hair Growth oils. We help you to love your hair.

We also do hair-loss consultations and haircare workshops too through our Hairducation Academy so get in touch.


ROOT2TiP & Hairducation Academy Founder