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New year New hair!

New year New hair!

New year New hair!

New hair New you

Happy New hair

We all want healthy hair in 2016!

If you have decided 2016 is the year you take hold of your hair care regime and decide to finally do something about it then why not invest in one of our Healthy hair Kits, we have 4 kits to choose from!  Butt if yyou need everything from Shampoo to Moisture check out the Healthy Hair Kit!

If you are worried about the cold weather affecting your hair or breakage issues from last year, this is exactly what you need.

In the Kit you have 5 products designed to nourish your hair from ROOT2TiP seamlessly.

The kit comprises our:

  • Stimulate & Cleanse Shampoo- SLS Free and designed to cleanse the scalp, stimulate it without drying effects!
  • Comb-Out Cowash Conditioner with Olive oil, this conditioner gives your hair amazing slip and softness allowing for the Comb-out!
  • Honey rain Juice detangler – Our Best Selling Detangler is also in the kit it can be used daily to hydrate hair as and when needed not to mention its the answer for tangled strands!
  • Quench Anti-breakage creme, this butter-rich creme will sink into your strands to ensure they are nourished and resisting the effects of the colder months, whilst increasing softness and preventing breakage
  • Grow-it-Long Serum – here at ROOT2TiP the scalp is never and after-thought so we have included our must have ‘best-selling’ 100% natural Scalp Oil.  It eliminates dandruff, whilst providing nutrients to the scalp and moisturising the hair also.

Appreciate your hair will be its most healthy hair in 2016 if you follow this simple daily guide!

healthy hair kit

Healthy Hair kit

1  Wash your scalp at least 1 x a week.  Eliminate flakes, stimulate growth and it will also add moisture to the hair!

2  Deep Condition or Cowash the hair during Winter at least 1 x a week- Why?  Simply put your hair will need extra moisture and our conditioner will deliver a much needed boost where necessary.

3  Healthy hair in 2016 starts at the root.  Use the Grow-it-long serum to regularly oil your scalp.  A few drops every other day and Massage to encourage growth and prevent scalp dryness.

4 Apply your Quench creme daily to wrap the strands up for the cold.  Just like the body the hair needs that extra layer!

Finally be positive about your hair goals this year.  Whatever you choose to do to your hair, just be happy, be consistent with your moisture and by the summer you will have more than just healthy Hair in 2016!