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If you are a regular guy and are needing something to make you hair and scalp feel great, check out our Orginal 100% Natural Legend4Men Barber Butter.   Reveal the Legend in You! This magical grooming product will leave your hair, soft, wavy and moisturised without feeling greasy. If you have an itchy scalp. razor bumps or dandruff check out our Legend4Men Medicated Barber Butter, with tea-tree and mineral extracts to prevent and relieve your scalp of irritation and soreness. We also have a great set of natural Growth oils for thinning and balding hair.  Do not suffer in silence act now with ROOT2TiP.
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Harvest Hair Growth Pack

Just Grow It Hair Growth Kit from Root2Tip Haircare
Original Honey Rain Detangle Hair Juice from Root2Tip Haircare
LEGEND4Men Barber Butter Original soothes a dry scalp from Root2Tip Haircare
Stimulate and Cleanse SLS Free Hair Shampoo from Root2Tip Haircare