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The ROOT2TIP Hairducation Guide on caring for BRAIDS!

The ROOT2TIP Hairducation Guide on caring for BRAIDS!

The ROOT2TIP Hairducation Guide on caring for BRAIDS!

caring for BRAIDS root2tip

Braids are a great popular protective style, that can be worn all year round – I ALWAYS INSTALL BRAIDS DURING THE WINTER, I see it as a hibernation time for my hair – and I get an abundance of hair growth whilst doing so.

Follow these tips to rock your ‘healthiest braids ever – and harvest ‘good hair’ whilst doing so.

1. Treat your braids as a hair growth tool
This simply means, use to them to grow your hair with purpose. Do not use your natural hair as an anchor to the latest braid style and end up destroying your hair-line in the process.

2. Only install braids if your hair is not thinning, breaking, and your scalp is healthy
Avoid additional hair damage and repair damaged hair with protein treatments before adding extensions.

3. Do not install weighty braids if your hair is naturally fine- or you have a weak hairline
Any style of extensions should be comfortably added to the section of hair without weighing it down. I suggest box braids, so the weight of your braid is fully supported by the section of hair. Do not install Jumbo braids requiring 4 – 6 packets of hair on a head that has fine strands, unless traction alopecia is what your wanting.

4. Go to a trusted stylist: Via noscrunchie.com!
If you have just started a healthy hair journey – avoid ruining months of progress by going to a stylist who will damage your natural hair for the sake of a style. Ensure they know how to handle natural hair – or relaxed hair with care – if it feels too tight it’s not RIGHT!

Ask questions and speak up if you are not comfortable with anything. It’s your hair!

5. Treat your hair in braids the same way you would out of braids!
So many ladies forget their hair will still need maintenance with braids, in fact even more so! If you failed to wash your face for 4 weeks just because you had make up on – can you imagine the bacteria? Your hair is the same – treat it well irrespective of style!

6. Co-wash/Wash your braids and scalp! Regularly
Keep your scalp clean and wash 1 x a week with conditioner or a natural shampoo like our Stimulate & Cleanse SLS free shampoo, which will not strip your hair or scalp dry.

The washing will also help to hydrate your natural hair between braids and will aid in hair growth.

7. Deep condition your braids 1 x a week!
Again the message is to treat your hair the same – for maximum health. If growth in braids is your goal- treat your hair like a queen.

8. Moisturise your braids daily
Spray our amazing hydrating Honey-rain juice onto your braids Day and night. This liquid leave-in contains extracts to nourish and protect your strands whilst you protective style. A water based leave-in will allow the moisture to penetrate through the braid to get to your real hair.

9. Nourish your scalp
Having witnessed numerous women with dry scalps when wearing braids – I cannot stress the importance of this point enough, especially if GROWTH is your goal!

Oil your scalp 3 x a week with our harvest hair growth oils to stimulate healthy hair growth and keep your scalp hydrated.

Eliminate itching and flakes with the Scalp Hydration Serum, it’s a best-selling oil for ladies who wear braids and weaves. Regular usage of the oils will result in thick healthy hair growth if coupled with a healthy diet also.

10. Avoiding Traction Alopecia
Braids are the common culprit in most cases of traction alopecia amongst black women. Traction alopecia, is when the hair is constantly pulled or weighed down, resulting in thinning around the hairline or partings. To safely wear braids and avoid this, ensure when you style your hair – there in NO PULLING!

If you have just had braids or extensions installed and your scalp feels tight and throbs from the pulling – you have two choices:

1. Protect your hair and loosen those braids NOW or…

2. Make sure your stylist plaits the hair loosely to begin with. No style is worth hair-loss!

Our Root Energizer is a highly stimulating scalp treatment that is perfect for thinning hair lines and traction alopecia. Use at least 1 x a week when your wear braids, apply at night and wash out in the morning for best results.

Love yourself, Love your hair!

ROOT2TiP & Hairducation Academy Founder


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