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Summer Hair Care Advice for your Mixed Race or Afro child’s hair

Summer Hair Care Advice for your Mixed Race or Afro child’s hair

Summer hair care advice for your mixed race and Afro child’s hair

Summer hair care advice for your mixed race and Afro child’s hair



Hi Guys,


Avoid tangles and tears on the beach this year with our essential set of tips for your mixed race/Afro child’s hair with Kinki Coili Kurli hairducation


its now officially SUMMER! So if your holiday is booked, your cases are packed and the family are raring to go to the airport and bask in the glorious sun on a sandy beach somewhere please take heed of these handy hair tips for your child’s Mixed race or Afro hair before you depart.



If your child is a toddler or young baby then this may not apply if they just have a little head of Curls/Afro or baby hair, however if you have a handful of hair to deal with then this is KEY.

Prep your child for the holiday by installing a fun PROTECTIVE hairstyle that will save you time and stress ahead of your holiday.  The last thing you want to do is spend hours after your beach or pool session detangling knots and wiping away tears!!

2   Cute and simple  Styles to try:

Banding  click link for full instructions!

This style is great as it will prevent sand getting into your child’s hair and will allow you to wash their hair really easily after pool and sea sessions.

cute girls hair style

cute girls hair style



I love twists as they can be styled any way once installed and they are also easily co-washed after a Pool or sandy beach session.

kids twisted hairstyling

kids hair style natural twists

Mini Braids

Much like twists although more long lasting this cute style again will take the pressure off the ‘Hair ‘ on the holiday and will allow you to truly relax on the beach, knowing full well the child’s hair can be washed easily without a MAJOR detangling and tears session afterwards.

kids braids or plaits

plaits or braids on little girl with straight hair






3     Avoiding Sun Burnt Hair: SUN-HAT please MUM!

Just as the sun burns sensitive and young skins, it also has a damaging effect on your child’s hair too.  Be sure to pack a sun hat that will be light but protect your child’s hair from the suns rays.

This is even more needed for small babies and toddlers!  Protect their eyes from the sun too!


kids sunhat

protect their hair from the sun


Chlorine or even excess salty sea water is not a great mix for kids strands, especially if they are like little mermaids an dip in and out of the pool like flying fish!!

So how do you prevent chlorine damage??

I use a special mix of OLIVE oil/Starshine hair oil

Natural conditioner for kids who swim

conditioner for swimmers hair

and our Cooler2cowash conditioner to provide a barrier of protection around their hair strands.  The hair being in a protective style helps too as it makes this application quicker!

How to Apply your Pool protection conditioner mix to your child’s Mixed race or Afro hair:

  • Get a bottle of extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Grab a bottle of our Olive oil based Cooler2Cowash conditioner
  • Start by applying liberal amounts of olive oil to their strands, squeezing through to every inch of their hair
  • Follow up with a liberal application of Cooler2Cowash which is enriched wit Olive oil too.



Olive oil is one of the few oils that nourishes and penetrates through to the hair, Coconut oil is another good substitute. However I love the softness of Olive oil over Coconut oil as it can dry hair out.


Daily Summer hair care: The HAPPY HAIR KIT is your  all-in-one SOLUTION!

We have an amazing Happy Hair Kit, that is perfect for the summer holidays, most of which can be squeezed in to your hand-luggage as its 100ml sizes, but using this daily will make the summer holiday hair care routine a…



kids natural  hair care UK

products for mixed race kids, products for kids with black Afro hair

Step 1

Daily Honey rain...

Spray your child’s hair DAILY with our Honey rain juice especially in hot climates with this great leave-in conditioner, the best thing is that it’s an AMAZING DETANGLER!!

Kids curly hair detangler

When kids love hair days- its a Happy Honey rain juice day







Step 2

Apply Sunlight Curl creme to Hydrate sea drenched curls and kinks, add some to your hair and rub palms then apply to wet curls, as the hair dries it will not be sticky just soft and nourished!

You can also use our Heavens hair milk to add quick moisture that leaves hair soft and silky not sticky!!


Sunlight curl cremee for mixed race and afro kids hair styling

natural hair creme for curly mixed race or Afro hair kids

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