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Transition & GROW Healthier Hair Kit


Transition & GROW Healthier Hair Kit

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Transition & Grow Healthier hair Kit.

We introduce a Premium quality 95-100% Natural hair kit for women who are transitioning from relaxed hair or just want healthier hair for root2tip.  Featuring 5 natural hair products that will beautify your hair day after day. Each product was created by Sal our founder in her kitchen!  They are made with love!

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The Transition & Grow Healthier hair Kit, is an all-in-one solution to manage your hair whilst you transition from your chemical relaxer or whilst you embark upon a healthy hair journey.

Are you transitioning or trying to grow healthier or longer hair?  Not sure of what to use?   Well our brand new TRANSITION & GROW Kit, is just what you have been looking for.

Comprising 5 of our our best-selling products we will take you to wash day to styling your transitioning hair and nourishing your scalp with one special kit.

If you are struggling with what to use and when, we have made it easier for you.

Make the road to healthier beautiful hair easy for you with our special kit designed to give you your best hair yet! Our Shampoo will cleanse the scalp with ginger and mint, our Comb-out Co-wash can also be used as a deep treatment, to reveal super soft hair. Our Quench Ant–breakage creme will restore the correct moisture balance to strands making hair easy to manage. Our no. 1 detangler and leave-in conditioner the Honey-rain juice will untangle knotted roots in seconds!!

You have no reason not to have healthy hair with this Transition & Grow Healthier Hair Kit.

Most women are scared of quitting the relaxer because they do not know what to do next!  We

can help you.  #Hairducation with root2tip!

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