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The Healthy Hair Kit


The Healthy Hair Kit

£42.00 £38.00

The Healthy Hair kit, comprising 5 amazing natural hair products from ROOT2TiP.


The Healthy Hair kit,

If you have natural Afro hair, relaxed hair, curly hair or transitioning hair then this is the kit for you!

If healthy hair is your goal this year, then grab one of these limited edition kits!

Its always hard to select the right product at times, however you can do so with our great simple kit that promises healthier hair in just 90 days!

Suited to all HAIR TYPES: Afro, Curly, Newly natural, Transitioning, Relaxed or texlaxed.

The Healthy Hair kit comprises 5 products designed to stimulate hair growth, nourish dry strands and take care of your scalp.

Inside you get:

  • The SLS -Free Stimulate & Cleanse Shampoo
  • The Comb-out Cowash
  • The Honey rain Juice dertangler/leave-in conditioner
  • The Quench Creme moisturiser
  • The Grow-it-long serum

If you struggle with a simple routine, then this kit with clear instructions on what to do week by week will resolve that issue!


Healthy hair is yours this year!

Aim to wash your scalp with our Stimulate & Cleanse Shampoo at least 1 x a week. This will clear the scalp of bacteria and grease around the follicles. Non-drying our formula leaves a tingle not tangles, or a dry scalp!

The most Important step in a routine. Deep condition after every wash, with your Comb-Out Cowash 1 x a week. Use a steamer for 30 mins to allow it to penetrate. Your hair needs conditioning weekly to prevent B R E A K A G E , improve health, moisture and the condition of your hair!

Our hair gets dry instantly! Spray with the Honey rain juice and detangle in sections. Follow-up with the Quench Hair moisturiser creme from Root to tip. Focus on the Ends of your hair.
Aim to moisturise 1 x a day, morning or night.
You will feel the D I F F E R E N C E!

If your hair growth has slowed down or you suffer with an itchy dry scalp that flakes, our Grow-it long serum is PERFECT! 100% natural and designed to encourage blood flow to the roots and cure scalp itching and DANDRUFF, use 1-2 x a week all over the scalp and massage well for 7 minutes. Feel the tingle & wait for growth results!

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