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Mixed race and Afro kids hair care Guide


Mixed race and Afro kids hair care Guide

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Our Essential Mixed race and Afro kids Hair Care Guide, will give you Happy Hair days at home.  

Here at ROOT2TiP we practice what we preach, we believe in Hairducation and that Mixed race, Curly and Afro hair can be easy peasy if you adopt some simple tips and tricks when caring for the hair!

Worried about how to style or wash your Mixed race child’s curls or frizzy hair texture, learn how to explain what the  FRIZZ FAIRY is, learn how to detangle your child’s Afro with no tears.

Written with years of experience in all-things-kids hair, Hairducation expert Salem, the founder of ROOT2Tip is determined to give parents the hair care help they need in an easy to read format.

You can Change a Hairstory today!

An essential gift for any parent!


The Mixed race and Afro Kids Hair care Guide

If you have a child with MIXED RACE Curls or AFRO textured hair then this Hair care Guide is an ESSENTIAL BUY for you!

Turn tears into CHEERS on hair days by following CLEAR simple Steps!

Written with Parents in mind, we help you to change the hairstory of your child today!

  • Do you struggle with Tears at home every hair day?
  • Does the thought of washing your child’s hair fill you with DREAD!
  • Does your child have a tantrum at the sign of a BRUSH?
  • Do you need simple by STEP-by-step help learning about how to care for their CURLS??

If YES is the answer then grab one today!

The Author is the founder of ROOT2TiP Haircare and her passion is HAIRDUCATION, she travels all over Europe to advise parents on their children’s hair at events and workshops, Sal has even hosted the very first Afro haircare workshop in MILAN Italy!

‘Sal believes that children must be hair confident, in order to achieve their DREAMS and GOALS’

This guide is a MUST-HAVE purchase.

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