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Porosity – What to do with High/Medium/Low Porosity hair types

Porosity – What to do with High/Medium/Low Porosity hair types

Porosity – What to do with High/Medium/Low Porosity hair types

Porosity and my hair…



Understanding the way your hair absorbs/or fails to absorb moisture will help you on the way to a better hair care regime!

So how do you know what category, whether it be, low, medium or high porosity your hair falls into?





What to do with High Porosity hair types?

high, low medium porosity!!

Its time for the science:

The porosity test is a practical indicator of what category your hair falls into.

Firstly collect a few strands of you hair, next.  drop a strand of clean hair in a glass of water. If the strand immediately sinks to the bottom of the glass, your hair is of high porosity. If it floats down to about midway in the glass, it’s of normal porosity, this hair type retains moisture and shine pretty well.

If the strand floats towards the top of your glass or it takes a while for it to sink, your strands are mainly of low porosity.  Meaning your hair may find it difficult to absorb water/moisture hence why it stayed at the top and did not float to the botttom of your glass.


Picking the right products for your hair…

ROOT2TiP specialise in creating a range of products suited to all hair types, including low, medium and high porosity hair!

Check out our guide for the best product/practice for your hair!



porosity curls

TIP: Dry  LP hair with a t-shirt!


Low porosity hair:  Strands find it hard to absorb moisture!  Tightly packed cuticles that may need a little lift!

If you find it hard to get your hair to feel full and soft then try to use products after you have donee an ACV rinse onn your hair.  Your hair needs an alkaline prep to raise the cuticlees on the strands to get the moisture to sink in where needed!

Follow up with a water based moisturiser like our Honey rain Juice, containing aloe and hydrolysed silk that will penetrate the shaft and leave the hair hydrated not weighed down.

You can also use butters and cremes in moderation, our Quench or Triple M

Steam treatments are also excellent for this hair type, as well as clays, baking soda rinses and again products that lift the cuticle!


What to do with High Porosity hair types?

quench me baby!

Our Quench Creme – rich but light!

Remember:  HAIR SCIENCE!!  the hair is 80% water,  so unless you live under the sea, our hair is inclined to get very dry!!

My hair is very porous so gets dry easily, so I layer up my moisture like a sandwhich.


Medium Porosity hair:

This hair type is pretty normal and thrives on rich conditioners like our Comb-out cowash follow this up with our rich Triple M Milk, its light enough for daily use on Medium porous hair types.  Avoid the over use of heavy butters, your hair will take in the moisture it neeeds and behave!


High Porosity hair needs with ROOT2TiP!

Your hair craves richer moisturising cremes and butters to lock in the moisture or seal it!

Start off with our Honey rain juice, follow up with our Triple M and seal with the Twist & Curls Pudding or the brst ever Butter!

Your hair will be happy with a protein treatment check out our super Triple Protein masque here.

This combo will keep your hair happy for days…


Hair is often a pretty confusing but we hope with a little hairducation will make your product and hair regime choice a bit easier!


Much love,



Root2tip & Hairducation Academy, Hair care Expert/Writer for Black Beauty & Hair magazine





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