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Hair care Tips for Kids by HeavenBerry

Hair care Tips for Kids by  HeavenBerry

Hair care Tips for Kids by HeavenBerry

Hair care tips for kids by HeavenBerry, 9 years old from LONDON.

Meet HeavenBerry- star of The HeavenBerry Hairshow 4 Kids giving hair care tips for kids…

Welcome to the HeavenBerry HairShow for Kids a brand new channel dedicated to giving quality hair care tips for kids!  Heavenberry is the Uk’s youngest Vloggger on Youtube and she knows her hair!

The HeavenBerry HairShow offers HAIRDUCATION in a fun way to help kids learn about their hair!  The hair care tips for kids by Heavenberry will help you child, grow longer healthier hair and more so  be more confident in the hair they have.

haircare tips for kids

Hairducation Academy advice from Heavenberry


In my own Hairducation workshops I have stated the importance of teaching the next generation to ‘care for their own hair in a fun and simple way.

heavenberry hair show

help your child love her hair with Heavenberry


UK’s youngest Natural hair Vlogger on YOUTUBE!

Hair-care tips for kids with Natural, Kinks and Mixed Curls…

Although she has wanted to make videos for a while I wanted to protect her as she is my baby, but our mission is greater and God has blessed her with the gift of teaching in a fun kiddy way- only a child can describe their Afro hair as a ‘Fluffy bunny rabbit!


hair care tips for kids with Afro hair and Mixed curls are essential.  Hairducation is power.

I am so proud to announce her as the youngest Natural Hair Vlogger on YouTube, who actually knows what they are talking about.   Heavenberry loves to give hair care tips.   Like me she has a passion for all things hair and I am not surprised as she was the reason I created ROOT2TiP hair care in the first place.

The kids range of products was created because I wanted natural products for her hair and my local beauty shop was filled with chemical laden products!  I am so pleased HeavenBerry can offer quality and inspiring hair-care tips for kids who want it.

KinkicoiliKurli Kids Hair Kit from Root2Tip Haircare


The Kinki Coili Kurli range was created for and inspired by HeavenBerry- the Heavens’ hair milk is named after her!


Heaven's hair milk

Heavens hair milk


HeavenBerry can Help your child learn to Love their natural hair with her hair care tips for kids…

HeavenBerry hair show

Help your little girl to love their hair with our mini hair Guru HeavenBerry, at just 9 years old she is going to inspire your little one to love their natural hair and have fun with it!!


If you are struggling to get your child to love the curly or kinky hair they have we hope we have provided you with a solution to inspire them and teach them HAIRDUCATION.  hair care tips for kids are brought to you weekly on the HeavenBerry Hair Show!


If you have any questions please get in touch at info@root2tip.com


Stay Blessed,



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