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How to grow long Afro hair? 10 hacks!

How to grow long Afro hair? 10 hacks!

How to grow long Afro hair? 10 hacks!

Protect your natural hair this winter

Grow long afro hair in 2017!



HELP My Afro Hair  just…does not  GROW!!

How-to grow long afro hair this year!

Sal Root2tip founder

Root2tip founder Sal gives you some simple  Hairducation!

Here are 10 simple tips to help you grow long afro hair this year!


1     Start off with a trim

If you have split ends, you will not see hair growth this year!  Your hair will be in a cycle of grow–break-grow-break!  STOP this by giving your ends a good trim, with the correct hair trimming scissors.  (You can grow long afro hair this year!)


2     Deep Condition weekly

If Deep conditioning is not a part of your usual weekly or 2 weekly regime, try it!  Deep conditioning will give your hair a real boost of moisture and feed the strands from the inside out.  If you really want to grow long afro hair this year steam your hair for even better results!


3     Protective style

If you like to try every style you see on Youtube- STOP give your hair a break with a safe protective style.  A wig, weave, Kinky twists- it’s your choice- just leave it alone for periods of the year- up to 8-10 weeks each time and you will notice you grow long afro hair each time you do your protective season.


4      Check your shampoo

If you use a shampoo that leaves your hair feeling stripped and your scalp dry- check for Sulphates.  Switch to a natural shampoo like our luxurious Stimulate & Cleanse shampoo with Ginger and Aloe extracts.  Using a SLS free shampoo is better for your hair and scalp.


 5      Start to Cowash

If you like to wash your hair midweek, or maybe you don’t?  Try co-washing 1 x a week to increase your moisture levels this year.  Your hair will have no chance to break if she is moisturised!


6     Treat your scalp to daily massages

Your scalp is where your hair grows from it should not be an after-thought, if it feels sore and dry- TREAT it!  Using our Harvest hair growth pack indulge in weekly massages, daily usage of our oils promotes hair growth as you will increase blood to the roots under the scalp to feed them.  TRY IT!


7     Layer up the moisture

Sometimes one product alon is not enough to keep hair from feeling dry, especially during the winter!  Layer up your products. Create a cocktail of natural ingredients.

We love our Triple M Milk + Butter  or our Honey-rain juice + Twist & Curls pudding

just grow it kit

Grow your hair longer in 6 months!

8     Limit heat!

Stop using heat regularly, your hair will be much stronger and retain length much easier.  Heat from a blow-dryer drains hair of hydration, the same for those flat-irons!


9     Take a good hair vitamin

Try a good multi-vitamin to keep your internal hair nutrition at the optimum levels, hair is grown internally, so it needs a good balance of vits + healthy foods, proteins etc.


10     Set a goal to grow longer hair

If you have not written down how many inches of hair you want to grow, or set a goal to just look after your hair so it GROWS, then do so now.  Without a goal its easy to become distracted.  If you can achieve 4 inches or more this year, then why not?  The year will pass by anyhow!  Make it different this time.



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