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Dove campaigns to get little girls to love their curls!

Dove campaigns to get little girls to love their curls!

Dove campaigns to get little girls to love their curls!

As Dove a mainstream beauty brand jump on the ‘Love your curls’ band-wagon, something spearheaded by Black and mixed women around the globe including myself- the founder of the Hairducation Academy, in London, an organisation launched due to my inherent passion for helping little girls with kinks. coils and curls, to embrace their hair and hence have unrivaled confidence!


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Is their something wrong with the way they have portrayed their advert?

Watch it here:

Dove and the I love my Curls campaign…

Do you see anything wrong with this whole video?  My only thing is that it should be more inclusive… we champion Kinks, Coils and Curls..

We all share the same struggle- kinky haired little girls must not be left out, especially when you tie it in to the confidence of our Little girls…

Please take a look at our little girls at the Launch of the Hairducation Academy – Confidence in spades!!  We embrace all textures as we want all little girls to feel special, unique and included!

SPEAK ON IT!!   Let us know what you think.


From reading the  comments on You-tube under their video which has attracted more than 3 million views in 5 days!  Opinions are split!

Some people are stating that yet again they are jumping on a bandwagon we begun!!

Some just think its great that they are teaching us to embrace our curls, the problem is what ‘us’ are they trying to include?

As a brand owner I see it as straight business- they are targeting a unique group.. mainly mixed race and white girls…perhaps they feel the black hair market will take care of their own!


Thanks for reading…



ROOT2TiP & Hairducation Academy Founder, Hairducation Expert.